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It pays to have made a few key decisions before you become a landlord.
Why do people rent?
There are many reasons why people choose to rent. It offers a relatively speedy solution to accommodation worries come the end of a marriage. It offers our workforce and student population the mobility and flexibility often required in short term relocations. For the very many individuals and couples struggling to get on the property ladder, it offers a temporary opportunity to get some privacy, play house and learn how to live together.
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What a great way to start the week! Monday i managed to restructure a clients £85,000 mortgage and save him £31,000 in interest payments. HOW? Well quite simply i kept his mortgage payments the same, but with the fantastic new mortgage rate i secured him, paying the same amount reduced his term by 7 years! The net saving for this client assuming rates stay the same would be £31,000. Not everyone can afford to do that of course, but even taking 1 year of your mortgage can rack up some serious savings.
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I received this fantastic testimonial from a very happy client this morning.

Really nice suprise.


Thanks very much  Sarah. Laughing

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