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Written by  Caroline Tuesday, 20 November 2012 04:33

The History of  How did we get here?

Steve Mayor the Advisor and Director of Saving-You com started his working life in Retail. Serving the public for 10 years on the motorway services on the M61 & M62. Starting off as a cashier on the petrol station of Anderton services M61, for what was supposed to be a summer job, Steve quickly realised that he had a natural flair with the public, always willing to help out were ever possible.

A couple of months into the "summer job" a position came up for a supervisors role and whilst being the youngest member of the team, Steve landed this job and never looked back. 19 years old and in charge of 2 busy forecourts, it was the everyday unknown that kept the job exciting.

From car fires, to documents being left in the shop en route to the airport, to armed robberies and lets not forget the fuel shortage, you could guarantee that every day would be different.

After moving to Granada Services to manage the running of two of the busiest petrol stations in the country, at the time of a major refurbishment, Steve was offered a position back at Anderton, (now Rivington) to manage not only both forecourts, but also the main retail units in the main building. 

In the early hours of Jan 2000 whilst covering a shift for a member of staff who was "ill" it was decided that a new adventure was needed.



Steve has been in the mortgage industry now for 13 years, learning his trade in a cut throat sales environment in Manchester.

Very quickly he realised that he enjoyed meeting people, but more importantly helping people and saving them money on what is without doubt the biggest purchase most of us make in our lives.

Starting from nothing with no experience of the mortgage market Steve quickly made his way up the corporate ladder and it wasn't long before he headed up a sales force of 35 as well as continuing to achieve his own sales targets.

After studying for the required qualifications and learning more about the industry, Steve decided in 2005 to leave the Career he had for 5 years and made the bold step to go it alone and set up Carma UK Ltd.

Why? Well while the salary was great and most of the people were too, the company policy was to charge every client regardless of what they required a fee in excess of £2000, something Steve thought was unfair and fought against several times on behalf of the client.

So a decision was made that if he was to go it alone, he would not charge his clients fee's, after all the bank pay commission so why would he need to? That's just greedy, right!

Well that formula proved to be very successful for 3 years until the financial crash of 2008 and the UK recession. Most of the residential lending ceased. Banks were going under, we could get anyone a mortgage, even if they wanted one, which in most cases they didn't.

To compound the issue, lenders started "dual pricing" offering cheaper rates and deals if you went direct to them, something that, along with the recession closed a lot of mortgage brokers down.

After the dust had settled and the unfair dual pricing had ceased, the lenders decided to review the amount of commission paid to advisers and this was cut dramatically, whilst at the same time the Networks most advisers were tied too increased their fee's.

This meant  the advisor in the middle that didn't charge a fee, was effectively working for nothing or even paying to go to work! Boo hoo, poor mortgage advisers... Well its true!

 So a business decision was taken by Steve in 2012, that if he was to stay in this industry, doing something he enjoyed (helping people!) he would regrettably have to charge a fee for his services, if only a modest one.


The company was originally called Carma UK Ltd. Why Carma, for no other reason than his was made up of his wife's name: CARoline MAyor. - CARMA. Whilst doing very little in the winter of 2009 Steve was rethinking the business and how to get the word out there about what he does, he needed re-branding!

Sitting for hours thinking about a new business name, he suddenly thought about what he does for his clients. He saves them money... Saving-You! and so the name was born.

"So if your ever talking mortgages, remember what to do, say you know a bloke called Steve Mayor who's passion is SAVING-YOU." :-)


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