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Sometimes known as Income Protection.
Renew your policy today & receive upto 2 months free cover...

We use a range of other insurance providers and their products may be more suitable for your needs
T&C’s apply

  • A monthly benefit for up to 24 months
  • Up to 90% of your net monthly income
  • Variable excess periods
  • Unemployment only option
  • No lengthy contract

Am I eligible to apply?

To apply you must be aged between 18 and 62, a UK resident in permanent employment of at least 16 hours per week and not aware of any impending unemployment.

What am I covered for?

This policy is designed to provide you with a monthly income should you be made unemployed or redundant.

How much cover can I have?

You can cover up to 90% of your net salary up to a maximum of £3000 per month.

How long does the policy have to be in force before I can make a claim?

The initial exclusion period is the first 90 days after the start of your plan. However, if you are replacing an existing policy which you have held for at least 3 months, then this exclusion will be waived.

How long can I claim?

Claims will be paid until you return to work, or until you have received the maximum number of monthly payments (maximum 24) you have chosen.

Unemployment Cover

When will my benefit payments start?

You can choose the following excess periods; Back to Day 1 or 30 Days. Please note: Payments are made 30 days in arrears, therefore if you choose Back to Day 1 as your excess period your 1st payment will be paid to you 30 days after you become unemployed. If you choose 30 days as your excess period your 1st payment will be paid to you 60 days after you become unemployed.

Can I change my cover?

Yes. Policies are designed with the intention that you can keep the same policy for many years, altering the different commitments that you cover and also the level of cover.

Can I include accident and sickness cover in my plan?

Yes. To get a quotation please contact us on 07946 294 162 and we will call you back.

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Buildings and Contents Insurance

Renew your policy today.

  • Home Emergency cover
  • Up to 5 years NCB
  • First Time Buyer Discounts
  • Legal Expenses
  • Landlords cover

We use a range of other insurance providers and their products may be more suitable for your needs

When did you last review your policy?

Just call us on 07946 294 162 and we'll talk you through your options.

Saving is a trading name of Carma UK Ltd which acts as a credit broker not a lender.

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Life Insurance

You probably have Life Insurance, most people have!

BUT... When did you last review it? Is it still suitable? Is it in Trust?

Why buy from a comparison site, when you can have fully protected BESPOKE advice?

Using the best providers around, can find you the most suitable policy at the best possible price.

Recently premiums have decreased and thanks to medical research new types of polices are being created all the time.

It is a very competitive market at the moment, but to make sure you choose the correct provider, you need to speak to a professional.

Call Steve now on 07946 294 162 for full advice and recommendation.

Choose from:

Level Life Cover:

  • With Level cover, the Life Insurance amount and premium remain fixed throughout.
  • This simple protection policy will pay the cover amount if you die within the policy term.
  • It could pay a cash sum to help look after your family's future and interest only mortgage upon your death.

Decreasing Cover:

  • The cover amount reduces each year roughly in line with your mortgage - yet the premium remains fixed.
  • Decreasing cover could help to protect a standard repayment mortgage if you die during the policy term.

Critical Illness Cover:

  • Would you find it difficult to pay your way if you became critically ill?
  • Who would support your children, parents or pay off your mortgage?

Adding Critical Illness cover to your Level or Decreasing policy will pay a cash sum if you're diagnosed with one of the defined critical illnesses detailed in the policy. These change from provider to provider.

If there is something you specifically want covered, let us know.

Critical Illness cover can also be taken out separately; it could relieve pressure on your finances at a time when you need them most.

Just call us on 07946 294 162 and we will talk you through your options.

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Would You Like...

  • Independent Mortgage Advice?
  • At A Time To Suit You?
  • In The Comfort Of Your Own Home?

Just call 07946 294 162...

Appointments Available 7 days a week 10am - 8pm.

Could you afford your payments to double?

Since 5th March 2009 interest rates have been at an all time low. However this is predicted to change this year.

The introduction of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) in April 2014 has meant that lenders are becoming more picky who they lend too.

While the “cheap” tracker rates are attractive, could you afford the increase in monthly payments when they stop?

Long term, low fixed rates are available at the moment if you fit the lending criteria.

Contact Steve, Martin or Mark and book a FREE independent mortgage review in the comfort of your own home.

This is how we work:

  1. Steve Martin or Mark (fully qualified advisors) will first conduct a fact find to evaluate your current situation. Then using the latest sourcing software will search the market with you making sure you get the most suitable deal for your circumstances.
  2. Once your happy with your decision a DIP (Decision in Principle) will be carried out and if successful we then proceed to a full application. All the paperwork is completed for you, all you need to do is sign!
  3. Next stage is a Valuation where you may have to let a surveyor look round your home.

If this is within the range required an offer is produced and your solicitor will be in contact with you.

Steve can help you complete the legal pack and your mortgage will be set for completion. do not charge for a mortgage review, however we do charge a fee if you instruct us.

Our typical fee is an initial fee of £99 on instruction, then £300 for processing a mortgage payable on production of an offer.

If your mortgage is due to come off its current deal, we can secure you a rate up to 6 months in advance. (depending on the lender)

Just complete the form below or call us on 07946 294 162 and I'll talk you through your options.


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Life Insurance. Do i really need it?

LIFE INSURANCE. I'm still young, i dont need it yet.

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