Life Insurance

You probably have Life Insurance, most people have!

BUT... When did you last review it? Is it still suitable? Is it in Trust?

Why buy from a comparison site, when you can have fully protected BESPOKE advice?

Using the best providers around, can find you the most suitable policy at the best possible price.

Recently premiums have decreased and thanks to medical research new types of polices are being created all the time.

It is a very competitive market at the moment, but to make sure you choose the correct provider, you need to speak to a professional.

Call Steve now on 07946 294 162 for full advice and recommendation.

Choose from:

Level Life Cover:

  • With Level cover, the Life Insurance amount and premium remain fixed throughout.
  • This simple protection policy will pay the cover amount if you die within the policy term.
  • It could pay a cash sum to help look after your family's future and interest only mortgage upon your death.

Decreasing Cover:

  • The cover amount reduces each year roughly in line with your mortgage - yet the premium remains fixed.
  • Decreasing cover could help to protect a standard repayment mortgage if you die during the policy term.

Critical Illness Cover:

  • Would you find it difficult to pay your way if you became critically ill?
  • Who would support your children, parents or pay off your mortgage?

Adding Critical Illness cover to your Level or Decreasing policy will pay a cash sum if you're diagnosed with one of the defined critical illnesses detailed in the policy. These change from provider to provider.

If there is something you specifically want covered, let us know.

Critical Illness cover can also be taken out separately; it could relieve pressure on your finances at a time when you need them most.

Just call us on 07946 294 162 and we will talk you through your options.

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